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Loveland Excavating & Paving was founded in 1996 with the goal of providing dependable site development. Since then, we have made a name for ourselves by consistently reaching this goal and by developing lasting relationships with our clients.

Founding member Matthew J. Brennan, the former Vice-President of Towne Properties, knew how important it was to the get the best people in key roles. This is why our field management staff average over 20 years of site development experience, which provides us with a solid managerial framework. These industry veterans lead an outstanding team of laborers, all of whom treat their job as their craft. Pride of workmanship is something we at Loveland Excavating & Paving place a high premium on. As a result, we are able to boast that our rework percentage is less than a tenth of one-percent.

When it comes to your project, everything must proceed smoothly, as delays can be very troublesome. Because of this, every client is assigned a Project Manager who will work diligently on your project. The Project Manager will oversee all aspects of the project - from permits to closeouts, and everything in between. In most cases, the Project Manager will be a member of the initial estimating team, so he will be well aware of the project specifics. This one-on-one style of project management is what makes a first time client a second, third, and a fourth time client.

In our industry, the competition is fierce. We have stood out from our competitors because our company's and our client's interests are always aligned. Built upon the vision of Matthew J. Brennan, our outstanding relationships with our clients have been the catalyst for us to become the best total site construction provider in the Greater Cincinnati Region. As we celebrate our 17 year anniversary, we realize that the future of site construction requires the old-fashioned values our company was built upon, but also a forward thinking approach to yield the ultimate product. In 2012, the name of the game is sustainability: What is going to work best now and in the future? Fortunately, we have championed this cause long ago, because at Loveland Excavating & Paving, our site development is engineered to last.

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